Open Source Portal

For Clinical Study Evaluations


Currently it is very difficult to investigate which open source solutions are available for clinical study evaluations. There are quite some lists available for open source R programs. PhUSE has a R-Shiny App to display the PhUSE content. But still it is very tough to investigate what is available, especially when searching for a specific area.


This page will be a link collection of open source solutions, programs and scripts for clinical study evaluations. Additional metadata will be stored and a user friendly search mask as well as different navigations are made available.


The content is collected manually. Further information and metadata are derived according available metadata and header analysis. If you want to provide additional input, please get in touch with me via info@glacon.eu. Additional content, views and also edit facilities will be added in the future.


June 2023

A new article about Open Source news is available. Additionally the update dates are refreshed as well as the conference videos counts.

February 2023

A new education page has been added (More->Education). Additionally, the videos from the R in Pharma conference and also the latest R Adoption Series videos has been added under More->Conf.Videos!

November 2022

The OpenStudyBuilder open-source MDR is released to allow ultimate collaborations! Additionally the defineR package is available to create define.xml and CDISC-ODM-XML-CRF-SDTM-Annotations can be used to work with ODM for CRFs.

August 2022

DDF, CORE and SAS CST are now available as open source! Video updates are done: SAS Global Forum 2020 now also included in 'More->Conf. Videos' - enjoy watching!

April 2022

The eBook 'R for CSR and Submission' has been included into the tools. Elsewise I am waiting for the following huge tools to get live which are CORE, DDF and the OpenStudyBuilder!

February 2022

There is now a new article section and a connected GitHub to allow others to contribute content to the portal (clinicalOpenSourcePortal). Also check-out the new FHIRLOINC2SDTM tool to map FHIR to SDTM!

Want to financially support this project?

To support this project, you can do a donation or become a sponsor of this webpage. There are many plans for further enhancements and enrichment of this portal. Apart from updating the page to allow many interactions like ratings and user edits, the content should also be enriched by including additionally available open source as well as making hidden open source jewels available and findable. The SAS(R) support pages contains for example quite some useful macros. Furthermore valueable macros could be derived from papers, when the copyright-owner allows this.

Additionally it is planned to develop a process and macros for managing and downloading open source SAS macros and scripts to allow something similar and easy like install.packages("package name") for easy use.

You can support the open source portal with a donation or by becoming a sponsor. The advantages of sponsorship are that your logo will be made available on the portal page it be mentioned in all communications delivered by Katja Glass Consulting relating to the portal. If you are interested, get in touch with me (info@glacon.eu) or press the button below for a donation through PayPal.