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The following links might be useful for additional information.

OS GeneralCDISC COSAThe CDISC Open Source Alliance Homepage (COSA)
Open source GuideVarious guides about open source topics in general
The Legal Side of Open SourceA legal overview
Choose a licenseOverview of Open Source Licenses
Wikipedia - Business Concepts of Open SourceOverview about various business concepts for open source projects
Rpharmaverse.orgPharma stack of open source R packages to enable clinical reporting
R sassyPackage collection for R designed for SAS programmers
R Validation HubR Validation Hub is a collaboration to support the adoption of R within a biopharmaceutical regulatory setting
The Epidemiologist R HandbookExcellent source for R evaluations
openpharma.github.ioR Package overview related to pharma
LearningLexjansen - SAS (and R) Conference Proceedings (1976 - present) ... and moreVarious papers and presentations from SAS and R conferences
PhUSE Link Collection - Links to Resources and KnowledgeVarious links for Resources and Knowledge about Open Source, R, Python and many more
On Biostatistics and Clinical TrialsBlog with deep details about various aspects for clinical trial evaluations
OtherPHUSE Open Data RepositoryInterface to available pharma datasets (PODR is provided to PHUSE members for non-commercial use only)