Additional Tool Links

The following tools are useful to know. Some of them will be shifted to the "Overview" section.

PhUSE CDISC Pilot Data + updatedDatahttps://github.com/phuse-org/phuse-scripts/tree/master/data/adam/TDF_ADaM_v1.0
SEND Data FactoryData, Programshttps://github.com/phuse-org/phuse-scripts/tree/master/contributed/Nonclinical/R/SEND%20Data%20Factory
MySEND (also for ADAM & SDTM)Free Tool - No Open Sourcehttp://info.pointcrosslifesciences.com/mysend
SAS® Clinical Standards ToolskitFree Tool (with SAS Base) - No Open Sourcehttp://support.sas.com/rnd/base/cdisc/cst/
CLI Define.xml ToolsToolhttps://github.com/defineEditor/definetools
SAS Support Pages MacrosMacroshttps://go.documentation.sas.com/?cdcId=pgmsascdc&cdcVersion=9.4_3.4&docsetId=pgmsashome&docsetTarget=home.htm
Can R be used for submissions?Knowledgehttps://www.slideshare.net/AdrianOlszewski1/gnu-r-in-clinical-research-and-evidencebased-medicine
A3 Community MDR - Browse CDISC CTsFree Tool - No Open Sourcehttps://www.s-cubed-global.com/news/a3-community-mdr-now-launched

Other Links

The following links might be useful for additional information.

Open source GuideVarious guides about open source topics in general
The Legal Side of Open SourceA legal overview
Choose a licenseOverview of Open Source Licenses
PhUSE Link Collection - Links to Resources and KnowledgeVarious links for Resources and Knowledge about Open Source, R, Python and many more
Resources Links on Using R in Regulated Clinical Trial EnvironmentsUseful link collection for using R
Data and metadata licensing - presentationPresentation on what to consider for data and metadata licensing to support open data
Wikipedia - Business Concepts of Open SourceOverview about various business concepts for open source projects
Lexjansen - SAS Conference Proceedings (1976 - present) ... and moreVarious papers and presentations from SAS conferences